On the 23rd August, 2018, Mr. David S. Kaggwa [FCIArb] Our Senior Partner and Head of Construction Law & Arbitration at Kaggwa & Kaggwa Advocates facilitated a Training organised by the Uganda Law Society on Alternative Dispute Resolution at Esella Country Hotel. The Presentation titled “The Arbitration Concepts, Process & Benefits” lays down among others the procedure for Appointment of Arbitrator  making reference to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act Cap. 4 (Laws of Uganda) and other critical to consider as an Arbitrator, a party or an Advocate handling/party to an Arbitration.

Other crucial aspects addressed in the Presentation were:

  • Conducting and Role of Preliminary meetings
  • Checklist before accepting Appointment as Arbitrator
  • Conducting of hearing (Role of the Arbitrator & Parties or/and Advocates to the Arbitration)
  • Interlocutory Applications in Arbitration
  • settlements
  • Characteristics of Arbitral Awards
  • Types of Awards
  • Formal Requirements of an Arbitral Award
  • Attributes  of Enforcement Awards
  • Challenge against Arbitral Awards
  • Court Intervention (offering interim measures and determining competence of an Arbitral Tribunal)

“In writing an award, an arbitrator should write it for four people –  The loser;  The Winner; The Court; before which the award is taken for challenge or enforcement and Yourself”

This is presentation is highly recommended for Arbitrators, Lawyers, Researchers and any others interested in Arbitration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Uganda’s Legal framework. For a details download the Presentation on the Arbitration Concepts, Process and Benefits 

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